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GFI Promotions were plugging in 1977-78. We all liked them and they did a great job. I met them later at Gem Records and they gave me good advice there too. GFI Promotions got us on BBC's Top of the Pops for our hit single "Automatic Lover".

Knox - The Vibrators

We love working with GFI Promotions - their drive, energy and true passion for the job are very refreshing. They are the kind of guys who go the extra mile. Results were very impressive, the artists very happy- what more could we ask for? They are definitely our firm for any of our label's upcoming major UK projects in need of the extra independent PR support.

Thomas Ruf - Ruf Records

"Human Racing", "The Riddle", and now "When a Heart Beats" We have to say many thanks to GFI Promotions for 2 years of fantastic work. From Mickey, Dennis, Nik and all the staff at Arctic King Music. 

Ad placed in Music Week thanking GFI Promotions for their work with Nik Kershaw



The Supreme Record Company would like to thank GFI Promotions for the last 4 months for their unprecedented promotion on "Say I'm Your Number One" by Princess and "The Heaven I Need" by The Three Degrees.

Ad placed in Music Week thanking GFI for their work with Princess and The Three Degrees

The biggest UK promotion company is called GFI PROMOTIONS, they're the most successful. They may not be the biggest in terms of number of people who work for them, but they're certainly the most successful. Suddenly, we're putting together a package where to the rest of the industry it's "Hold on, these guys aren't in here for a giggle, they really mean business".
Rick Wakeman
This guy from GFI Promotions is the dog's b*****ks as far as promotion goes. Truly passionate about what he does and a real inspiration to work with - never stopped phoning me with fresh news!! 

Aynsley Lister

GFI Promotions had probably the best promotions guy we had the pleasure of having. He always had great ideas and they all worked. Our sales were very high at CBS and he was responsible for getting air play with radio one and never failed.

Pete Langford - The Barron Knights



It was our good luck to have found GFI Promotions, if we just mentioned a radio station or a newspaper, they were on the ball straight away and the next thing we would be on the playlist of that station with a write-up in the paper. They worked very hard for us and put in demanding hours to help us, they don't just do PR they are PR. We will be using this company again for our next CD. 

Will Ludford - The Strats

When I met these guys in the eighties, I was a little known singer with an independent record deal. Today, even some of my family know who I am!!
Anyway, back to the point. The record company didn't have a massive budget, but GFI Promotions still managed to get me a lot of exposure with little to go on. Within a couple of days they had managed to land me, (along with fairly hefty regional airplay) a "special guest star" spot on "Live at the Picadilly", a Sunday night national TV spectacular that broadcast to 15 million viewers. Not bad when you consider that any established act would have killed for the same spot!!

A few years later I had signed to the recording arm of Carlton Comm. I asked for GFI Promotions to be brought in to cover the promotion. Again, without an awful lot to go on other than my recent stint as lead vocalist with "The Average White Band", they pulled out all the stops; heavy rotation on MTV and VH1, loads of airplay on regional radio and on BBC Radio 2, plus a prime live spot on the Bob Harris show.
I'm in the process of recording an album for release in Summer 2006 - guess who will be doing the promotion?

John Wilson - Average White Band/Upbeat Beatles/Badfinger





In an age of manufactured pop and the unadventurous A&R man, it is enormously difficult to find people in the industry with any enthusiasm for artists and genres which don't fit directly into the very limited horizons of the current mainstream scene. GFI Promotions are a revelation. They worked tirelessly to promote the 2006 Blues Caravan tour and the corresponding album "Pilgrimage", and achieved remarkable results, stirring up a wealth of press interest in what I had begun to consider a much maligned and barren market place.

Ian Parker


I was fortunate enough to be introduced to GFI Promotions by an associate who recommended them as the men to promote my "Roots of Rock n Roll" series. For the first time, it seemed that I had hired a promotion man who kept me informed without me having to chase him. GFI Promotions kept me up to date on which radio producers or music magazine editors they had approached, what their reactions were and if positive, when the albums would be reviewed or played. An added bonus is that the albums were well received and were reviewed in almost every suitable publication and played on most of the specialist radio shows.
I will certainly use GFI Promotions again when the opportunity arises, and I have no hesitation in recommending them if you have a specialist good music product which needs promotion.

Paul Smith - Smith & Co Sound & Vision



I had the pleasure of working with GFI Promotions for many years at CBS. They will always find an angle to get that first play on Radio or that all important first TV appearance. If I had an act on my books and wanted Independent Promotion, I'd  use them again.

Louis Rodgers -  Head of CBS Promotions TV and Radio 1977-1982

GFI Promotions'  talents played a significant part in the success of three acts I have been associated with, The Vibrators, Adam & the Ants and currently The Fixx.

Gary Tibbs - The Vibrators, Roxy Music, Adam & the Ants, The Fixx

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