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Mike Zito

Mike Zito is one of the best names to drop in REAL Blues aficionados company. He has been around a few years and went from a stirring solo and session career to a stint with THE New Orleans Blues supergroup, The Royal Southern Brotherhood, and then left to reform his band The Wheel and go back to what he does best, 
To quote the man himself “This album brings it back to what its all about: Having fun, playing music you love and believe in. Its all about the song.”
Most of the songs here are written by Zito plus two great covers and his sweet guitar playing and rough and raw vocals fit the music perfectly whether it’s the rocker of a title track that opens the album or the country-esque ‘Early In The Morning’, a gorgeous ballad with a delightful sense of normality about it.

‘I Was Drunk’ is a terrible tale of a man who has lost his family and everything that means anything to him and is now taking responsibility – hard edges to a song dripping with emotion.

Zito’s guitar playing on ‘Lonely Heart’ is sublime with horns bringing the song out and giving a really soulful feel.
Of the covers ‘Get out of Denver’ (Bob Seeger) is under 3 minutes of rock and roll heaven –taken at 100 miles an hour and really doing everything the Silver Bullet Band could only do live. Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Bootleg’ has the same sleazy feel as the original but modern production and Mike Zito’s vocals take it to another level.

There isn’t any shocking new revelation in Mike Zito’s music – it is classic Blues played brilliantly and with a great sense of fun in the playing. One of the better releases this year.


Andy Snipper

Nov 2015

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